Josh Brolin has the distinction of playing two distinct but equally popular live-action Marvel characters, in separate cinematic universes. As the villainous Thanos, he brought gravitas and depth to a CGI monster, while as Cable, he was the perfect foil to the manic Deadpool. And now, Cable creator Rob Liefeld has revealed to that Brolin is eager to reprise his role as Cable in the MCU.

“I’m going to tell your viewers…Josh wants to be Cable again sooner than later,” Liefeld tells’s Brandon Davis. “He is itching to be Cable again. He loved being Cable. He told me he understands how beloved his role as Thanos is, but he doesn’t look completely like Josh Brolin.”

For the entirety of his stint in the MCU, Brolin worked with a motion capture suit to portray a hulking alien. While the suit ensured that every one of Brolin’s expressions and movements were transposed onto Thanos, the appearance of the Mad Titan was obviously very different from Brolin. That leaves the door open for the actor to play another, human MCU character. And according to Liefeld, Cable is his top choice for a role, now that Deadpool and his supporting cast are preparing to make their MCU debut.

“These are Josh Brolin’s own words telling me, Rob Liefeld. He told me, ‘Rob when I appeared as Cable in Deadpool 2, my phones rang off the hook.’ It changed everything for him and obviously Josh is gonna get some career lifetime achievement award at some point. The guy is just one of our greatest actors.”

While playing Thanos put Brolin on the map for comic book fans, he probably had much more fun playing Cable where he did not have to put on the motion capture onesie and stand in front of a green screen all day.

The 52-year old actor packed on the muscle in order to play Cable convincingly. His performance as the shell-shocked soldier from the future who comes back in time to kill the person who would one day destroy his family was praised by critics. While little is known about how Disney plans to adapt the R-rated Deadpool franchise to the MCU, they have confirmed that Ryan Reynolds will continue to play the role of the antihero.

In keeping with the meta-humor that Deadpool is famous for, the Merc with the Mouth actually made several references to Brolin’s other Marvel role in Deadpool 2. There is a very good chance that the rest of his supporting cast will also now be making the jump to the MCU, and Deadpool, being Deadpool, will probably be the first person to draw attention to the two Brolins in the MCU. Story continuity not making sense, which is usually a big complaint amongst fans of superhero mythologies, ends up becoming just more fodder for meta-jokes when it comes to Deadpool, even if no one else among the cast of characters acknowledges his fourth-wall-breaking commentary. This news comes from